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Who are we?

Hi, I’m Will. FitFable is my passion project. I am making this game because I am really excited to play it. For years I have been looking for a game just like this one to give me an extra boost of motivation to get myself up off the PC. The world outside looks so awesome and inviting, and I will absolutely go check it out as soon as I just finish just one more quest…

I know how important exercise is for my mood and my health. I have seen the benefits first-hand. Yet somehow it’s so easy for me to forget. So I am making FitFable to help me build healthy habits for a long and prosperous life. I am 100% sure that if it will help me get moving, it will be of help to a load of other people too!

Who is in the team?

FitFable was founded by William Rawson and Jesse Mark in 2023. We are a small team united by a fierce passion for gaming! We see games as a way to help people do the things they want to be doing, even when life makes it difficult for them. If these games are made well, then the fun of the game will be more than enough motivation to push through difficult times.

Our team originated in Cape Town, in sunny South Africa, but we have subsequently relocated to London and San Francisco to better enable our impact gaming dreams.


Will Rawson

Will has extensive experience in the IT sector, high school education, research science, and he recently co-founded a Bar & Grill in Cape Town. His passion for learning and teaching has been a fierce motivator that has allowed him to innovate by recombining features across a diversity of backgrounds. Will is also a reader, writer, sculptor and has degrees in Computer Science, Zoology and Physiology, and Entomology. But most importantly, first and foremost, Will has always been a gamer.


Jesse Mark

Jesse is a skilled game designer and developer who is following up his Computer Science degree from the University of Cape Town with a Masters in Entrepreneurship an Innovation at San Francisco University. Among his interests is the use of virtual reality which he uses to create art galleries for those who cannot visit physical spaces, and programs that facilitate high quality of physical rehabilitation to people who have been injured.

Sea Monster Entertainment

Sea Monster is a top South African game design studio that helped us bring our fledgling idea to life.
They have a top quality portfolio and a reputation for excellence. Their competent team lent us
tremendous expertise, experience, and enthusiasm. Under the coordination of Lucas, with Rhodain’s
game design skills, Tegan’s artistic genius, and Sam keeping it all coordinated, they have helped us
plan a clear way forward to bring FitFable out of digital binary and onto your phone.

If you would like to get involved, please feel free to Contact us!

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