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The friend focused fitness fantasy game.

What is FitFable?

The modern world is like an obstacle course of distractions. Collectively, companies have spent billions of dollars creating entertainments to keep you trapped on the couch, glued to the tv, and scrolling on your phone. This isn’t great for you, but resisting that pull can take a lot of effort and motivation. It’s not easy to say the least.

FitFable is here to help!

FitFable is an innovative new mobile game that helps people build healthy exercise habits by giving them the extra motivation they need to get their bodies moving. Our unique formula combines three important core ingredients in a way that has not been done before:

Fitness, Friends and Fun.

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Your brain and body need to move to stay healthy. The benefits of regular movement extend beyond just aesthetics and fitness, but deeply into health, well-being and ageing, both mental and physical. Yet despite all of us knowing this, it can still be really difficult to do even just a little bit of exercise every day.

FitFable is a game of adventure, discovery, building and survival that is powered every time you get up off the couch and do some exercise. Whether you prefer to run, lift weights, do yoga, or just take a walk with the dogs, movement is improvement.

The game is designed to run on your smartphone and collect your exercise data from your native health suite or fitness tracker. That data is taken into FitFable and converted into energy that your character can use to move, fight or use abilities.

When we say Fitness we are not implying that you should be out there running marathons, although we would never stop you if you wanted to. What we want is for you to be moving more now than you used to. To be a little fitter than your former self. The small changes over time really add up in a rather startling way.



What happens if you can’t be bothered to get yourself moving? Exercise is difficult and we all lack the motivation sometimes. Well, that’s what Friends are for! Teamwork is a key pillars of FitFable’s ethos, and your team will be super motivated to get you moving. Because every time you play the game, they benefit from it!

FitFable has been designed to be the most fun when played with friends. So you need a team, and, most importantly, your team needs you! If you don’t show up for them, or for yourself, every day for just a few minutes, they will struggle to overcome challenges or progress in the storyline.

Social support has always been a strategy used in the exercise world. From Personal trainers who tend to provide motivation more than actual guidance, to group classes and accountability buddies, it’s a strategy that has worked time and time again. 

So in time honoured tradition, tag your friends and start building your team to tackle the challenge of FitFable together.


FitFable is a game designed by gamers for gamers. We are really excited to play it when it’s done, so you can be sure we will be bringing our best to the table. It’s set in a classic fantasy world with some of the all-time favourite classes available for you to play, each with their own unique traits and abilities that get more powerful as you level up.

Each time you log some exercise in the game your allies are buffed with bonuses that they can leverage to overcome challenges. When they log in the same applies to you, so keep your friends moving and you’ll keep your kingdom strong against the spreading darkness.

The First Season is a fun and engaging adventure set in the Fantasy world of Seladore. You and your team will have to explore and tame the unruly wilds, solving riddles, fighting monsters, rebuilding outposts and gathering resources and supplies. All the while solving the mystery of the Edgemaw and liberating the lands from the grips of a mysterious evil force.

Overcoming encounters is based on the luck of the dice, which can be heavily mitigated with gear, abilities and multiplayer bonuses.


Enable the Fable!

With all of these magic ingredients, the only thing we need now is a bit of time to bring it all together. Every bit of support we receive helps us to lessen that time and bring the release date ever closer. So please support us! If you think that this game is a great idea, like we do, tell your friends, tell your family, tell your friends’ family, tell your family friends! Like, Follow, Share, Signup, Subscribe, Support, and before you know it you’ll be building your own Kingdom in the verdant woods of Seladore.

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